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Kia Cadenza Dashboard Lights

Kia Cadenza Dashboard Lights | Des Moines, IA

The various indicator and warning lights found on the 2019 Kia Cadenza’s dashboard is your vehicle’s way of relaying important information while traveling on the road. While some dashboard lights let you know when a particular feature is in use, others are designed to alert you when a serious issue or mechanical failure is detected.

At Kia of Des Moines, our team of factory-trained service pros are dedicated to helping drivers throughout Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ankeny, IA, understand their vehicle’s full capabilities. To better identify some common symbols and what to do should they ever appear, continue reading our guide below. Then, schedule a service appointment if you think you should have your car inspected by an expert!

Yellow Indicator Lights

While yellow indicator lights don’t always require immediate attention, you should never ignore them. Doing so, can result in further damaging your Kia Cadenza resulting in costly repairs or worse—a serious accident.  Some common dashboard lights you’ll encounter include:

Des Moines, IA | Kia Cadenza Dashboard LightsMalfunction Indicator – more commonly known as the “check engine light,” this symbol looks like the profile of an engine and appears when an issue with your emissions system is detected. Should it appear while driving, contact our service department to schedule a full emissions test at your earliest opportunity.

Tire Pressure Monitor Indicator – this dashboard light looks like a horseshoe surrounding an exclamation point and appears when at least one of your tires has lost air pressure. Head to the nearest service center and refill your tires. If the light comes back, you might have a leak and should have your tires taken to our tire shop as soon as possible.

Icy Road Indicator – this symbol looks like a snowflake over a 2-lane road and appears when the outside temperature falls below freezing. This is to alert you to potentially slippery road conditions and no other actions are needed.

ESP Off Indicator -- this dashboard light looks like the back side of a car with two wavy lines underneath the tires. If this symbol appears while driving, it means that a malfunction has occurred with your Electronic Stability Control system. While your Kia Cadenza is still safe to drive, extra care should be taken until a service appointment can be scheduled.

Red Warning Lights

Cadenza Dashboard Lights in Des Moines, Iowa

Engine Oil Pressure Warning – if a dripping oil can symbol appears, it means that your engine’s oil has dipped below a safe level. Pull over and check your engine’s oil level. If your oil level appears normal but the light remains lit, immediately take your Kia Cadenza to our oil change experts.

Charging System Warning – this dashboard light looks like a red battery and appears when a malfunction in either the vehicle’s generator or electrical charging system has been detected. Schedule a service appointment at your earliest opportunity.

Electric Power Steering Warning – this symbol looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation point to the right of it. If it appears while driving, it means there’s a serious malfunction with your Kia Cadenza’s power steering. Avoid driving until you can have it inspected.

Schedule Service for Your Kia Cadenza Today!

At Kia of Des Moines, our state-of-the-art service center can help with all your maintenance needs and have you quickly back on the roads of Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ankeny in no time. Simply, stop in during service hours or contact us to schedule an appointment!


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