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Importance of a Tire Rotation

Depending on how often you drive and local road conditions you should plan to schedule a tire rotation every 3,000-,5000 miles. Rotating your vehicle’s tires is a simple yet important bit of maintenance that helps ensure you get their maximum usage while keeping you safe on the road.

At Kia of Des Moines, our team of factory-trained technicians provide drivers throughout Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ankeny with honest and dependable care over the lifetime of their vehicle. That’s why we created this guide explaining the importance of a tire rotation along with signs your tires are due for a partial or full replacement.  Then schedule a service appointment to get your tire rotation!

Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires?

Tires needed to be rotated in order to ensure they wear evenly to avoid a serious blowout. The weight of your vehicle often is unevenly distributed, usually placing more weight on your front tires. Your front tires also tend to wear down faster since they bear more of the burden when braking and steering.

When you regularly rotate your tires, you run a lower risk of them prematurely wearing down or leaking. Depending on your vehicle and driving style, you should plan to replace your tires every 60,000 miles. If you frequently drive over rough roads or in stop-and-go traffic, tire rotations might need to be performed more often at our tire center.

How To Measure a Tire’s Tread Depth

The first sign of a worn tire is shallow tread depth. You should never drive on tire treads that show signs of significant wear or damage. Worn tires often lack the stopping power needed in an emergency and put an extra burden on your vehicle’s internal system. 

The tread is what makes actual contact with the road and provides the grip needed to effectively maneuver and brake. A healthy tread depth should measure above 4/32nds of an inch. Once it dips below this number, you should plan to have the tire replaced at our service center.

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Tires

Along with measuring tread depth, there’s a few signs that your vehicle is due for a partial or full tire replacement including:

  • Strange Vibrations. If you notice your brake pedal shaking or vibrating when you press down on it, that’s a sign your tires worn or that the wheels need to be realigned.
  • Bulging or Blistering. The next time you inspect your tires, inspect the tire’s outer sidewall for signs of damage. If ignored for too long, it can result in a breakdown.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor. If you notice you’re tire pressure light keeps appearing, it’s a sign that at least one of your tires has a leak and needs to be inspected

Schedule a Tire Rotation Today!

Now that you better understand the importance of a tire rotation along with a few ways to monitor your tires’ health, make it a point to schedule an appointment at Kia of Des Moines. Our team can quickly diagnose any issue you’re facing and quickly get your vehicle back to peak performance. Simply, contact us to get started today!


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