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How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Having your oil changed is an essential part of your ongoing upkeep and maintenance. It’s the service around which all your other upkeep revolves. Your oil is like the immune system of your car—it’s the fluid that protects your vehicle from damage that results from the heat and friction generated by your engine as it works.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take? | Des Moines, IA

When you go too long without changing your oil, it can do serious damage to your engine. Many people across Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ankeny ignore their regular maintenance, thinking it’s a hassle, when in fact it’s essential. If you’re wondering, “How long does an oil change take?” let’s look at the process and why it’s so important.  If you need an oil change, make sure to stop by our service center at Kia of Des Moines today.

Why an Oil Change is Important

There’s a reason why your car needs to have the oil changed every so often. As oil runs through your engine, it picks up dirt, particles, and contaminants while also lubricating the parts and insulating against heat. All this together combines to wear out and break down the oil. It becomes clogged up and turns into sludge.

Sludge is a sticky substance that can actually damage your car instead of protecting it. Keeping your oil fresh and clean will avoid this and enable your car to keep running at peak performance.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

The actual process of changing the oil only takes 20 minutes or so to accomplish, in general. It’s important to remember, however, that when you take it into the shop, the time it takes can depend on factors such as how busy the technicians are that day.

Des Moines, IA | How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

For the most part, an oil change can be done while you wait and doesn’t require a great deal of time investment on your part. It is, however, a very important aspect of keeping your car running strong and smooth, so it shouldn’t be put off.

Why Go to a Dealership?

Of course, many people decide to save time by going to a “quick change” oil place, but this is rarely a good idea. They might not use the best oil for your vehicle, or they might use more expensive oil than you actually need. They also won’t generally complete the other maintenance that you need, such as performing a check on your vehicle’s systems or rotating your tires.

In the end, taking your car to a dealership is a much better option. You might invest a bit more time, but you’ll get the services you need to make sure your car continues to perform like it did the day you first brought it home.

Kia of Des Moines: Oil Change near Me

If you’re looking for oil changers in the areas of Des Moines, West Des Moines, or Ankeny, you can find the best service at Kia of Des Moines. Give us a call or schedule a service appointment for your routine maintenance today.


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